Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming


First aid, specific tools needed, skin conditions & standard cuts for 12 different breeds


Animal Care


Learn how to give expert, loving care that’s appreciated. Covers cats & more pets


Animal Training & Pet Sitting


Learn about handling & hygiene, security, group dog walking, exercise, nutrition and more


Animal Psychology


Want to deal with tricky situations, disruptive habits, boredom and anxiety in your pet?


Start Your Business


Learn how to turn your animal skills into a fulfilling human endeavour


Market Your Business


Learn focused, cost effective tips for growing and keeping a satisfied clientele


Animal talk

Delve into animals’ inner world and understand their psychology, behaviour, instincts and habits.

Pet care guru

Become an expert in all aspects of caring for pets – grooming, treating minor ailments and good training.

Work with pets

Turn your love of pets into a thriving business with targeted marketing and start up advice.

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Meet our Team

Our Holly and Hugo team is truly international and includes experts with awesome experience! We all have pets and cannot imagine living without our furry friends!

Pippa Elliott

Pippa Elliott, BVMS MRCVS, is a Veterinarian with 27-years' experience in companion animal practice.


Tolo Vicens

Tolo Vincens is a Professional Dog Groomer with over 20 years’ experience in the dog grooming industry.


Deborah Shores

Deborah Shores, DVM, is an American Veterinarian and a graduate of Mississippi State University.


Agnieszka Sieniawska

Agnieszka Sieniawska, is an Instructional Planner specialising in training and lesson plans design.


Animal Kingdom

Create harmony in your pets lives and fulfilment in your own. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to actively take care of pets and bond beautifully. Then, reap more than love in return – start your own pet business.


We love pets

The love pets give deserves to be rewarded. In return for the loyalty, friendship, company, warmth, laughter, hugs, kisses, companionship, trust, wags, reassurance, fun and comfort we get from animals, we share the love with the not so lucky ones.

Happy to Help! Are You?

Holly and Hugo supports animals. Show you care by supporting your local animal welfare groups.

As part of our statutory mission Holly and Hugo donate 1% of our annual profits towards a variety of dog welfare groups.

What students have to say about Holly and Hugo

  • Going through the course at your own pace was very comforting. I got to take all the time that I needed to study and learn while also practicing my newly-learned techniques on my own dog.

    Maylin Young, (USA)
  • I liked that every time I had a question or needed help- my question was answered relatively fast by a friendly knowledgeable person.

    John Dawson, (UK)
  • I loved the course and I feel that I learned a lot from it. This course will be instrumental in my future success for a long while to come.

    Nicola Thompson, (UK)